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Established on the 22nd of September 1998, Vinh Phat is one of the leading companies in Molds and Plastics Industries in Viet Nam. We specialize in manufacturing and trading hi-tech plastic products for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household equipment, textiles and garments, FRPC components for flag poles, lamp poles, street signs,  especially in designing and fabricating the Molds.

With well-trained staff and specialists in mold making technology and injection molding, Vinh Phat is capable of meeting customers’ variable requirements. Vinh Phat’s products have been trusted by customers inside and outside of our country. 60% of our capacity is for exporting to our main customers in USA, Japan, EU and the remaining 40% for the domestic market.

With the great effort in producing and trading, Vinh Phat has now had a large range of both internal and external customers. Vinh Phat consider QUALITY as a determinant of our existence so we strive for providing high quality products with competitive prices and the best supplier for all customers.

- precise plastic parts and plastic products for electric and electronic, textile & garment, dyeing,
- plastic components for refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioners,  etc..,
- plastic-wooden mat for flooring and landscaping,
- plastic string fastener for string tag and garment label,
- plastic hub used for waste bin, wheelie bin wheels,
- plastic bottles, jars, pots and tubes for packaging,
- cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging,
- plastic boxes, folding plastic boxes and crates,
- plastic household application,
- fiber glass flag poles, lamp poles and street signs.

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